Im-King Kris

Im-King Kris


Born in the vibrant city of Key West, Florida, King Kris emerged from the culturally rich Bahama Village, where the tapestry of Jamaican, Bahamian, and Haitian influences shaped his early experiences. A 6’5″ force to be reckoned with, King Kris not only embodies his commanding physical stature but also brings an unyielding determination to the world of hip-hop.

Early Influences and Musical Roots:

 Growing up amidst the challenges of Bahama Village, King Kris was exposed to the harsh realities of street life at an early age. Both of his parents, musically inclined, laid the groundwork for his artistic journey. At the age of 10, a pivotal moment occurred when he discovered KRS1, unraveling the depth of rap’s political and social meanings. Influenced by the raw style of 50 Cent and the East coast/West coast flavors of Tupac and Biggie, King Kris embarked on a musical journey that would later define his unique sound.

Entrance into the Music Scene: 

In 2019, King Kris decided to make a serious foray into music. The culmination of this commitment was the release of his first professional video, ‘Ima Beast, Ima Dog,’ in January 2020. The visual spectacle garnered 4K views within its first week on YouTube, marking a turning point for Kris. It was at this juncture that he realized his calling, using music as a cultural influence without being bound by the streets physically.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities:

 The momentum gained by King Kris was briefly interrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, causing a halt to live performances. However, Kris creatively pivoted, leveraging the attention garnered by his videos. Social media platforms became a catalyst, attracting sponsors and leading to his role as a brand ambassador for a prominent grill-making company. Demonstrating business acumen, Kris turned challenges into opportunities, showcasing his ability to navigate the industry’s complexities.

Business Ventures and Forward Momentum: 

King Kris emerged not just as an artist but as a savvy businessman. Recognizing the influence wielded by artists in setting trends, he strategically embraced brand partnerships. His role as a brand ambassador extended to digital platforms like 10k cards, showcasing his business-oriented approach to the industry.

Current Release: 

‘Call Me King’: His latest release, ‘Call Me King,’ offers an intimate glimpse into Kris’s life. Approaching 46K views within three weeks and VEVO approved, the video showcases Kris’s authenticity, energy, and unwavering determination, setting the stage for a promising future.

Future Aspirations and CEO Role:

 Looking ahead, King Kris envisions multiplatinum recording artist status, a Grammy in hand, and a foray into serious acting. As the CEO of his own company and label, he predicts progressive growth, embodying his ambitious mantra: “If you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least land on the moon.”

In the words of King Kris himself, “I was made for this!”

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